Software Security Engineer

We are trying to find an experienced Security Engineer to analyse software designs and implementations from a burglar alarm perspective, and identify and resolve security issues. You may include the perfect security analysis, defences and countermeasures at every phase on the software development lifecycle, to lead to robust and reliable software.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Implement, make sure operate advanced software security techniques in compliance with technical reference architecture
  • Perform on-going security testing and code review to boost software security
  • Troubleshoot and debug concerns that arise
  • Provide engineering designs choosing software ways of help mitigate security vulnerabilities
  • Help with all amounts of the architecture
  • Maintain technical documentation
  • Consult business friends on secure coding practices
  • Develop a understanding of new tools and best practices

Candidate Requirements:

  • Proven work experience as a software security engineer
  • Detailed technical familiarity with techniques, standards and state-of-the art capabilities for authentication and authorization, applied cryptography, security vulnerabilities and remediation
  • Software development experience with the following core languages: Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript and .NET
  • Adequate familiarity with web related technologies (Web applications, Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures) nicely network/web related protocols
  • Interest in every facets of security research and development
  • BS degree in Computer Science or related field

Work Trial:

Mode: ( Video / Voice / In-Person)
Work trial period varies based on individual applications.
Further information will be provided once your application is assessed.

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