We started Try Me Hire Me because we experienced the
challenges first hand and believe that we can make it easier for all
stakeholders going forward.

Our Mission

To power the world of work and empower future leaders.


Try Me Hire Me is an employment platform that enables people to connect and make the process of recruitment much simpler and more efficient. The platform was developed in order to solve the pain point that employers face in meeting and connecting with suitable candidates. At work trials employers can assess candidates based on scope and requirements of job advertised while candidate get experience and demonstrate skills that can range from an hour to one shift depending on the nature and complexity of the work.

The platform addresses the industries needs by taking advantage of various commercial mechanisms providing more flexibility for employers to evaluate and remunerate jobseekers/employees in unique and innovative ways to gain advantage in the competitive skills acquisition market. Try Me Hire Me is working towards building a community of verified users that will use the platform.


Fair Chance

Creating an ecosystem & a culture of fair chance to compete on basis of skills and not colour of passports.

Balanced Decisions

Helping students make informed decisions regarding their employment rights, guide/help students

Empowering Next-gen

Make local and international students a compelling force in the recruitment space

Save Time

Provide a recruitment process and tool that can be utilised by all stakeholders on any device.

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I’ve never actually had my life changed by a company as much as yours!

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Try Me Hire Me has been an indispensable tool for us as we continue to scale our company!

Niazi Helou

Thank you for helping me with my job in Australia!

Scarlett McFarls

Try Me Hire Me is a great platform for us to find early career talent and post our courses online.

Melissa Sassine
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