Safety Manager

We are looking for a reliable Safety Manager to ensure everyone in the company complies with safety laws. You will also result in establishing policies and prepare and have a safe workplace.

As a safety manager you will need excellent focus on detail to identify hazards. You may also be able to find out opportunities for improving conditions and execute various safety programs. A chance to communicate guidelines with a multidisciplinary workforce is essential.

The thing is so that the workplace meets all legal expectations and actively supports occupational health and safety.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop and execute safety plans in the office according to regulations
  • Prepare and enforce policies to build a culture of safety
  • Evaluate practices, procedures and facilities to assess risk and adherence to legislation
  • Conduct training and presentations for safety matters and accident prevention
  • Monitor compliance to policies and laws by inspecting employees and operations
  • Inspect equipment and machinery to observe possible unsafe conditions
  • Investigate accidents or incidents to find out causes and handle worker’s compensation claims
  • Recommend answers to issues, improvement opportunities or new prevention measures
  • Directory of safety awareness, issues and statistics

Candidate Requirements:

  • Proven experience as safety manager
  • Deep idea of legal safety guidelines
  • Ability in producing reports and developing relevant policies
  • Good knowledge of knowledge analysis and risk assessment
  • Excellent organizational and motivational skills
  • Outstanding focus on detail and observation ability
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities
  • BSc/BA in complete safety management or relevant field is preferred
  • Valid qualification in occupational safety

Work Trial:

Mode: ( Video / Voice / In-Person)
Work trial period varies based on individual applications.
Further information will be provided once your application is assessed.

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