Flight Attendant

We are trying to find a nice Flight attendant to be sure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard flights. The successful candidate are able to work independently, perform effectively inside a team and build trust relationships with passengers.

The objective is always to maximise revenue growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide information, guidance, and assistance for safety and comfort to passengers on board aircraft
  • Attend the brief & and act about it
  • Conduct safety check before flight
  • Greet customers, check their tickets and accompany those to their seats
  • Prepare and serve drinks and food to passengers
  • Present emergency equipment and present instructions
  • Monitor and secure the cabin regularly
  • Observe all aviation policies for safety and protection
  • Assist passengers and cabin crew during emergency situations
  • Provide special assistance to passengers with special needs (children, disabled persons, elders etc.)
  • Submit analytic reports concerning flight incidents

Candidate Requirements:

  • Proven working experience as flight attendant or client service experience
  • Fluency in English, multilingual is preferred
  • MS Office knowledge
  • Customer service-oriented
  • Professional image
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Problem solving skills and ability to control difficult situations
  • Cabin crew certification or training

Work Trial:

Mode: ( Video / Voice / In-Person)
Work trial period varies based on individual applications.
Further information will be provided once your application is assessed.

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