Sales Training Specialist

We are trying to find a Sales training specialist to coordinate and support our sales team. Your duties include scheduling and overseeing all training programs and identifying training needs. You will also cause ensuring new employees receive proper training to fulfil their responsibilities successfully.

Our ideal candidate understands our business objectives and suggests ideas to accomplish them through sales training. For this situation, you ought to combine excellent organization skills with the capability to talk with your downline and motivate and to succeed.

Ultimately, you will ensure our sales team is fully educated, to do at if you are a and increase customer satisfaction.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Design quality sales training programs within budget limitations
  • Schedule individual and team training plans regularly
  • Evaluate abilities and failings to find training needs
  • Oversee training material and suggest improvements
  • Choose the most appropriate training method per case (e.g. on-the-job training, seminars and simulations)
  • Design on boarding session for new hires and sales trainees.
  • Evaluate sales team performance to be certain incorporation of taught techniques
  • Set of training curriculum effectiveness
  • Create an open-communication climate and gather downline preferences for potential training
  • Maintain updated curriculum database and training record
  • Stay up-to-date with employee development trends

Candidate Requirements:

  • Proven work experience to be a Sales training specialist or Sales training coordinator
  • Extensive knowledge of learning principles and modern training techniques
  • The skills to deal with the complete training cycle
  • Experience with learning management software
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Familiarity with sales process, preferably with customer support experience
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strong organizational and team management skills
  • BSc degree in Education, Human Resources or relevant field
  • Additional certification in training is an advantage

Work Trial:

Mode: ( Video / Voice / In-Person)
Work trial period varies based on individual applications.
Further information will be provided once your application is assessed.