We are looking for an authorized nutritionist to give our clients with comprehensive advice on matters of well-being. As a pro in food and nutrition, people depend done to you to help them towards better diet plan to circumvent ill-health.

A nutritionist is answerable to assessing people’s needs using scientific methods and determining best option nutrition plans. He/she should be qualified and well-versed in relevant matters and skilled in suggesting personalized solutions.

The objective is to contribute to the constant maintenance of an client’s healthy constitution thus delivering value in our organization by strengthening our reputations.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Look at the dietary needs of an client by assessing their health and employ levels, sleep and food habits etc.
  • Clarify information to clients and explain the outcomes of nutrients on overall health condition
  • Offer counselling and suggest positive changes in nutrition to deal with clientsê dietary restrictions
  • Create full and personalized nutrition plans that promote healthy lifestyles
  • Set clear objectives and give support to clientsê to assist in their progress
  • Conduct scientific research to inflate field related knowledge such as the impacts of nutrients, some great benefits of diets to body’s functions etc.
  • Write and publish articles to coach the public
  • Make presentations on a variety of topics like how nutrition affects performance in sports, schools etc.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Proven experience as nutritionist
  • Thorough idea of biochemistry and human physiology
  • Good idea of research methods and data analysis
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Degree in nutritional science, dietetics or relevant field
  • Valid license to apply the profession

Work Trial:

Mode: ( Video / Voice / In-Person)
Work trial period varies based on individual applications.
Further information will be provided once your application is assessed.

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